Thursday, 20 December 2012

Thank You Jill For Your Little Bit Of Everything

Just a few days left on the calendar until Christmas.  Just 3 more days until the holidays will offically begin for me - I actually still have a couple of more things I would like to be able to find for my special someone.  I'm not worried as I'm sure I will find the time to get them. 

I wanted to post a thank you blog to Jill over at A Little Bit Of Everything for the wonderful package she sent our way.  It was an early Christmas gift for sure.

So many treasures she picked up on her second hand store trips that she thought Holly would enjoy;  it was very thoughtful.  We couldn't get over the amount of things you had packed away in that box, it was like diging through a never ending vintage goldmine.

We can't wait to put this in our future baby room.  This is one of the cutest looking Care Bear illustrations I've ever seen.  Really like this plate!

A part of a 3-piece Sesame Street train set featuring Bert as the conductor and ticket collector; Bert is the middle car of the train

We already have a Brave Heart Care Bear plush but this fellow from Jill is in much better condition.  His mane still has some fluff left to it and the tush tag is visible.

Here's an assortment of books that were also included; none of which we had already owned.

I really like the chunky Sesame Street books, I've never seen them before.

And last but certainly not least - this vintage 1977 Whitman Sesame Street tray puzzle featuring Oscar and Herry Monster .  I wonder whatever happened to Herry Monster.  And how about those two-headed monsters?  Anyway this vintage puzzle is one of my favorite items.

Thanks again Jill!

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  1. I love to share the thrift bounty with blogland friends - only too bad, I had a mishap with the plate!!

    And - thank you very much for the sweet vintage cards!

    Merry Christmas, Brad and Holly - travel safe....


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