Monday, 20 January 2014

A Nice Piece Added To The Vintage Care Bears Collection

I'm watching America's Funniest Home Videos; can you believe that show has been on the air for 23 seasons.  I wonder how many clips of golf balls to the groin have been shown all these years.

I once read that Bob Saget's least favorite video from his time hosting the show was a clip featuring two young children who were brothers; the older brother is shown sleeping on a floor while the younger brother is sitting over him.  The younger brother begins to dig for gold up his nasal cavity - a few seconds later he brings home a nugget which he then proceeds to put in his brothers open mouth.

Anyway enough about the 90s nostalgica and slightly disgusting booger-to-mouth stories - let's turn the flux capacitor dial back a few years and into the mid-80s shall we.

I recently purchased an item online for my vintage Care Bears collection that I felt like sharing up here on the blog.  I would totally label this one an 'on the whim' pickup as I pulled the trigger and clicked the "Buy It Now!" button just a few moments after stumbling across this gem.  It was just something that I felt like I had to have.

This Play-Doh Care Bear Cousins Playset was made by Kenner and released in 1984.  I basically could have bought this for the box art alone not to mention the fact that I've never seen another one of these Play-Doh playsets through my online vintage Care Bear searches.

There's another Play-Doh playset released from the Care Bears line featuring just the Care Bears themselves.  I personally have yet to see that one make an appearance online.

The set itself is missing just a couple of small pieces such as a sculpting knife and a rolling pin.  If there were any additional papers/instructions that came with the playset then those are absent as well.

Oh yeah, I also just wanted to mention that the seller had a "Best Offer" option available but went ahead and rejected my offer that was just $3 less than his asking price.  Why even bother.

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Wednesday, 8 January 2014

1983 Care Bears Pizza Hut Glasses

When I think about Care Bears I really can't help but also think about pizza.

Okay, not exactly but Pizza Hut seemed to think so as they produced several promotional items during the 80s featuring the those lovable bears.

For instance, in 1983 the pizza franchise released a set of six glasses each featuring one of the Care Bears; Cheer Bear, Good Luck Bear, Friend Bear, Tenderheart Bear, Grumpy Bear, and Funshine Bear.  Two glasses for the price of just 99 cents with the purchase of a - what else, a pizza.

We've only been lucky enough to thrift a Grumpy Bear glass in the past - which met it's demise after taking a fall to the floor.

But for Christmas I was gifted a near complete set of these glasses.  Missing just two from the set: Friend Bear and Good Luck Bear.  It appears that those two had a much lower production run than the main 4 hence why they can be found in the $30+ price range on the secondary market.

Here's the official Pizza Hut commercial for these glasses.  I find it funny that they only mention four of the Bears and make it seem as if they were the only tumblers released.

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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Plastic Diamonds

It feels like I haven't thrifted in weeks - in reality it's been a few days since I hit a second hand store, but it feels like forever.

Although a lack of drop-ins usually equals a lack of vintage goodness finds, we did come away with another fantastic piece to add to the Care Bears collection.

Adding Wish Bear to the collection makes it 5 poseables, 4 of them which we found ourselves.  I hope that we stumble across more.

There's sooo many things that we've picked up since my last post (which will be a month ago tomorrow, yikes) I wouldn't even know where to begin.  This Wish Bear poseable figure is just a favorite find of mine from recent memory.

We're gearing up for a small road trip this weekend.  It should be fun; we're planning on stopping into a couple of small towns that I've never been to before.  Fingers crossed the weather will be co-operative.

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Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dandy Ol' Finds

This entry has been sitting in my draft folder for a few days now but I need to edit and post ASAP because I am dying to hit the hay right now; so this one is going to be quick and easy.

It was a good idea to stop into the second hand store late last week as we came out with a few very unexpected, nice finds.

I'm just going to steal the picture Holly posted on her Instagram. 

The mug is from the Get Along Gang, a Saturday Morning cartoon back when saturday morning cartoons were much more popular.  It was another greeting card project designed by American Greetings during the 1980s that developed into a toy line and just about anything else you can think off.

The Get Along Gang was a little before my time so I never watched it and to be honest, I can't even remember it existing until pretty recently.  But anyway this Montgomery Moose mug is one of my favorite thing's that we've found during our last few hunts.

We also found this Raggedy Anne and Andy blanket; not sure what year this could be from but my guess would be 80s or 90s.

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Tuesday, 22 January 2013

It Was A Good Day

Before we left the house yesterday, it seemed like we hadn't made a trip to the second hand store in some time now; sometimes a thought crosses my mind and I think of the things that we might have missed-out on during the days that we didn't go. Haha

I have been on a total cold streak as of late, I can't seem to find anything while browsing.  Holly on the other hand...

Lately I've been surprised by how much stuff that we find that we genuinely collect. Here is another vintage Care Bear plate that will look great somewhere, someday.

I decided to bring home Jiminy Cricket; you don't see enough of him around anymore. 

We were hit with another winter storm dumping today.  According to the radio, it was more than the meteorologists had anticipated.  I guess that's it,  you can't control the weather!

Thursday, 17 January 2013

Red Letter Day Thrift Finds

Back by popular demand!  I'm not trying to flood the blog with vintage Care Bears but it would be a crime not to post about the gems we stumbbled across while thrift venturing yesterday evening.

Holly was the bread winner during this trip as she basically uncovered all the goods.   Such as these 2 Care Bear wall plaques. 

It was a great day for vintage Care Bear stuff.  This would have cost us maybe more than $30 if we wanted to purchase ths stuff online but it was only $4-5.  I like finding things that you collect.
Tonka Toys released 'Pooch Patrol' in the early 90s; I remember them being pretty popular or maybe I just remember the commercial being aired alot.  Never knew anyone who actually owned one so maybe it was all hype.
And last but not least - this beautiful piece of Canadicana.
 The Canadian Tire 'Give Like Santa, Save Like Scrooge' commercials from the 1980s and 90s bring back a lot of Christmas memories as I'm sure it does for many Canadians.  Canadian Tire got rid of the advertsing due to it was not appealing to their company image anymore.  This bank rocks!
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Thursday, 10 January 2013

As You May Have Guessed It, We Like Vintage Care Bears

It's slightly difficult to get back into blogging after a substantial absence, especially with a newly acquired blog with a small audience. Actually, making time for anything after the holidays can be an ambitious task.

There have been so many things that we`ve recently picked up that I don't even know where to begin.

Our vintage Care Bears collection has snowballed over the past year.  I can't say that I don't love it though, it's probably my most favorite divide in our toy collection.  The original illustrations by Elena Kucharik are very well done, adorable and classic.  Her artwork is the most detailed and best quality of all the illustrators who have worked on the franchise.

Just after Christmas, Holly purchased a significantly large lot of various vintage Care Bear stuff from a seller on the secondary market for a very reasonable price.  Well, the package came today anddd here are the goods.

My favorite item from the lot is this Brave Heart Lion 'cut, stuff and sew' plush.  He is hand crafted very well without any noticeable flaws.  I think this is either our second or third Care Bear plush from this line.  I'll have to haul the other(s) out one day and take a snap for Instagram and the blog.

Another Care Bear plush to add to the collection.  As you may know, this is Baby Tugs - one half of the Care Bear baby twins.  They were not part of the original illustrations by American Greetings but had prominent roles in the animated series and featured films.

This is suppose to be a Christmas Tree ornament missing a hook but it looks just as great as a stand alone ceramic figure sitting on the bookshelf.

A Care Bears Christmas vinyl - we spun side one earlier today and I had the intro song stuck in my head for the rest of the afternoon.  Great artwork on the cover.

And last but not least - this vintage Care Bears tray puzzle from 'Craft Master'.  We've managed to collate quite a few tray puzzles since this past summer.  The illustration on this puzzle is just another beautiful example of Elena Kucharik's detailed take on the franchise.

It's mad snowing outside right now; we are expecting to receive 50cm to upwards of 100cm of snow over the next 24 hrs so it's going to be a very messy couple of days ahead for us.  The city basically shut down this evening because of the treturous forecast.

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