Sunday, 16 December 2012

Little Loot

Sometimes when we find things from a second hand store I wonder what the story is behind it; where did it come from and who had it.
Here are a couple of things we found yesterday I got that feeling from.

It's a beaver wearing a top hat and scarf coin bank.  This guy is marked 'Reliable' and 'Made In Canada' but is unfortunately undated.  I couldn't find anything about him online either.  He's a great looking vintage bank that has a 60s cartoon character charm.  I can see it being sold on the shelfs of Canadian Tire back in the day.

This rubber teddy bear is marked, 'Made In West Germany' but undated.  I'd really like to know the year of production as I have no idea when it could have made.  Nonetheless it's an interesting looking bear, it kinda looks like Marvel Comics, the Thing but Google returned no results for that search quarry.  Who knows, it could have been part of a toyline or maybe even a doggie chew toy.

You can't go wrong with a rubber faced Santa Claus.  This Saint Nick is marked, 'Made In Korea' and undated, looks 80ish to me.  The cats may fall in love with the beard if they come near it.  Ollie seems to really like furry things and I could see her hauling it down from it's place from time to time.

We had about 15cm of snow last night, the largest snowfall thus far into the winter season - although we're still into Fall.  It wasn't too bad, hopefully the weather is good to us during the upcoming weeks as we have some driving to do during the holiday season.  We haven't had the best of luck in weather conditions when it comes to taking long drives during the winter period.

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  1. The beaver bank is maked "Reliable, Made in Canada" :)

  2. What fun vintage finds! Sorry I am so late in visiting. I am trying to catch up. Thank you for sharing last week at TTF.

  3. Hi, and welcome to blogland! I too wonder about vintage items I find. I have a fetish for old dishes. I love to imagine what the woman might have been like that had owned it before. I always imagine that they are smiling down on someone that loved it as much as they did. Thanks for sharing with Share Your Cup. Hope you will share often. Great vintage finds.


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