Sunday, 9 December 2012

Finding The Counterpart

A few weeks ago we found a small kissing Santa Claus salt and pepper shaker amongst the hoards of Christmas candle holders and Santa head mugs; he's a cute little item that we brought home and added to our Christmas stuff.  We looked high and low for the other shaker but with no luck, Mr. Claus just wasn't there.   We decided to bring him back with us anyway, for just sixty cents we had ourselves a cute little Santa figure to display.  I convinced myself that we would never find a kissing Mrs. Claus at a second hand store and eventually down the road I would wind up paying for a set online.  Now that I think about it, I don't have the heart to split up two salt and pepper shakers, especially kissing salt and pepper shakers.

Poor thing.  Just look at him, lingering for that kiss, missing his better half.  I'm not sure what year this little guy was made or the country of manufacturing as the piece isn't marked.

Earlier today we made a quick stop into the aformentioned second hand store and hot damn what was the first thing we found?

She must have gotten seperated between the donations in the stock room and was just recently put out for sale.  I feel so lucky as I have the strict notion with thrift stores that if there's a missing piece than you're never going to find it.

I really like these guys.  It appears that they don't go for much on the vintage secondary market but they are worth much more than the $1.20 spent on the pair.

They're finally reunited after some lost hope.  Getting tossed around at the thrift drop-off can be tough.  They are a timeless treasue that we can keep forever and pass on.  They are definitely one of my favorite Christmas pieces that we own.

Christmas in just just 14 days!  It's so crazy how it can sneek up on you.  Before you know it it will be 11:00PM on Christmas Day, feeling crappy because it's basically all over and you have to wait almost an entire year for it to come back around.  I'm waiting on a few packages to arrive and am beginning to fell a little nervous about receiving them all before the 22nd.  I figured a week before December would be fine?  Hopefully this week will be a good day at the mailbox.

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  1. What a lovely love story :)

  2. How adorable! I love the story; he did look a little pathetic kissing the air *giggle* so happy you found his Mrs. :)

  3. now that is awesome! Congrats!

    The Joyful Thrifter

  4. Yay! I love it when items get reunited. I have a collection of kissing shakers and many were found without their mates.

    Happy Holidays,



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