Monday, 17 December 2012

Strawberry Shortcake Ceramics

We picked up these Strawberry Shortcake ceramic figures today from an auction that we won over the past weekend.  It was the first time we put a silent bid on an item listed for auction so we might have paid a little more than what we could have for these guys.  But that's alright.

These figures are all from 1982 - before my time; I don't know much about the characters to be honest but I like the illustrations and toyline.  It was certainly one of the most popular during the 1980s.

These will look great together upon a shelf.

Just 5 more days until Christmas Holidays.  I can't wait to wake up early on the 23rd, grab a coffee and head out on the highway; homeward bound.  This is going to be Oscars second visit around the bay and his first Christmas in general.

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